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        New to Servus

        Opening an account just got easier

        You can open one of our most popular accounts online in under 10 minutes. Same great service, just more convenient.

        Features included with all accounts

        Servus has accounts, RRSPs and mortgages just like the banks. We also have member-owners, Profit Share® and a 100% deposit guarantee. You won’t find those anywhere else.

        Save on autopilot

        You decide how much you want to save and how often. We take care of the rest.

        Deposit on-the-go

        Deposit a cheque by taking a photo on your phone through the mobile app.

        Surcharge-free ATMs

        Members get ding free® use at thousands of credit union ATMs across Canada, in addition to our Servus ATMs.

        Overdraft protection

        When you need to protect your account in between deposits, you only get charged interest and a small monthly fee if you use it.

        100% deposit guarantee

        Both the money you put in and the interest earned is safe and secure – up to any dollar amount.

        Profit Share® Rewards cash

        When you become a member-owner we reward your loyalty with cold, hard cash every December.


        Always friendly and helpful.

        I have lost track of how many of the staff actually know my name! And if someone does't have the skill or knowledge to help me, they sure can find someone who does.

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        Additional accounts to fit who you are

        17-25 Be Free

        No fee daily banking for those between 17-25 years old. ?

        Newcomers to Canada

        Moving to a new country can be difficult and stressful—we're here for you. ?

        Senior Unlimited

        No-fee daily banking over the age of 60. ?

        Youth Plan 60

        No-fee daily banking for anyone under 17. ?

        U.S. Dollar accounts

        Avoid the ups and downs of the exchange rate with U.S. chequing and savings accounts. ?

        TFSA High Yield Savings

        Get a premium interest rate without paying taxes on the investment income you earn. ?

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